Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Getting to PhotoCafe by kirakira hitobag

A guide to getting to Photo Cafe by bus from Hamamatsu Station
Photographer: Sharleen
Thanks to: Ken, Como, Hazel, U., PhotoCafe, Entetsu Buses

1. Arrive at Hamamatsu Station.

 2. Walk to the bus terminal. Check out the map. On a rainy day, don't forget your umbrella.
3. These are the buses you want. they go to Kasai from bus stop 10.
Numbers 70, 73, 75, 76 are all ok!

4. You can check the map by stop 10 just to be sure. You want the yellow line. You'll want to get off at 浜松プラザ (Hamamatsu Plaza). It'll cost you 200 yen.

5. Wait in line patiently. No pushing in, cheeky.

6. Enjoy the sights of the East District for around 15-20 minutes.

7. Get off at Hamamatsu Plaza. This is what it looks like from the bus stop. See the building that has 吉田 written in red? You want to walk down that road to the right of it. You'll need to backtrack a little to the traffic crossing to cross first.

8. Once you walk down that road for about a minute, you'll find Photo Cafe on the left. Congratulations! Go order some food and drink, enjoy the current exhibition, and talk to the owners if you wish. Let them know if this guide was useful or not.

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