Monday, 20 December 2010

Atelier Twine's 4th Exhibition - report

Atelier Twine's 4th yarn exhibition

Hopped on a (a very fast) train to Osaka for the weekend and after a slow start on Hangover Sunday went to see Atelier Twine's yarn exhibition and sales.

This was their 4th yearly exhibition and they have been selling yarn designed for handknitters and handweavers for about as many years. They have many new yarn mixes of varying fibres including wool, cotton, cashmere and angora and some fancy sparkly and boucle yarns all for very reasonable prices. They don't have a lot of photos on their website, but they send out samples of all of their yarns and have an English speaking member of staff.

They also had some beautiful small items made from their yarn and yarn photos taken by Robert Banas on display.

P1020783.JPG P1020779.JPG  P1020782.JPG P1020783.JPG P1020784.JPG P1020781.JPG

P1020771.JPG P1020772.JPG P1020773.JPG P1020774.JPG P1020775.JPG P1020776.JPG P1020777.JPG     IMG_1765.JPG

That last one is of their dog, Ito-chan, who is a Pug x Shiba. How cute and yet ugly at the same time.