Friday, 2 September 2011

"Inhabitants of a Spiritual Forest" Kazuma Nagai

Kazuma Nagai's
"Inhabitants of a Spiritual Forest"

September 3rd (Sat) ~ November 30th 2011 
(Please note: Saturday 3rd closed due to Typhoon #12)
Kurokabe Museum of Art, Nagahama, Shiga-ken
滋賀県長浜市 元浜町12−38

Kazuma Nagai, originally from Kanagawa-ken,  studied graphic design and then at the age of 21 decided to learn metal work through self-study. In 1983 he set up an Atelier in Nagano-ken and started to make antique-style jewelry in silver.

His designs range from human-like fairies to plants in nature and a lot more in between. He especially concentrates on creatures that cause a strong human reaction like centipedes and slugs, creatures that are "scary but that you are kinda curious to look at".

Along with his dedication to the design of his creations, as someone who believes in the magical and talisman qualities of the accessories we wear he chooses to use spiritual and anthropomorphic motifs in order to make a living creation.

Message from the artist: 
“Since ancient times, humans have worn jewelry. Precious gems and metals were known to cleanse the soul, beckon good fortune, and ward off evil spirits. However, as time has progressed so too have the jewelry and the revolution of mass-production in recent years has atrophied that universality and sense of value we once had. I want to return to the origin and make items with spiritual properties and in doing so the work requires a no-compromise approach to the design and craftsmanship. As many civilisations have done before, this time will end, and I wonder if one day the traces of my handiworks with move the hearts of people. ”

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Atelier Koichi at Takashimaya, Kyoto

Atelier Koichi (Teiichi Kawai) Copper work

September 7th (Wed) ~ September 13th (Tues) 2011

Selected craft gallery, 6F Takashimaya, Kyoto
〒600-8520 京都府京都市下京区 四条通河原町西入真町52 6F

Teichi Kawai is an established coppersmith based in Maisaka, Shizuoka. His collection includes a variety of interior goods, as well as comical animal figures and objets and accessories. 

This is a piece that was kindly bestowed to me - a delicately made sandal (copper) and foot (brass) pendant.