Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Art Picnic Vol. 3 @ Club King - Dictionary Art School report

Art Picnic vol. 3
Saturday 18th December, 2010
Between Shibuya and Harajuku there is a place called the Club King: Dictionary Art School. I'm not exactly sure what goes on there yet but it's a place where people create and enjoy all forms of art. I went and poked a nose at Art picnic Vol. 3 .

P1030004.JPG P1030005.JPGP1030006.JPG

I was drawn to to this event because Miquraffreshia was exhibiting her dark, colourful, weird, cute creations, as well as hosting a "decorate you own octopus tentacle" workshop. It has been brought to my attention that there is rarely a Japanese person who doesn't like Octopi! They're so hot right now. I have to admit they are fascinating creatures so I chose my tentacle and started eagerly decorating with beads, whereupon I found a lonely eye in the midst of the beads and tied it onto my tentacle. It doesn't really resemble a tentacle anymore but I like it anyway! Thanks!

Outside, amongst other people, I met Mr. Uda, creator and player of the Udar. An electronic musical instrument that looks a lot like a concertina but is played by pressing the notes the strength that you want the sound and rotating each side to change notes. Mr. Uda happily played us many a tune from films, video games and even station melodies. I want to see more live Udar performances! Play on Maestro Uda!

Probably the coolest thing was the projections onto the outside building, they changed every few seconds. Reiko and I saw a window in the centre of the building, which was just begging for somebody to do something with. So we did. Hindered by bad coordination, a wall, not being able to hear the music, people walking by we tried a synchronised...uh...dance?

Nevertheless, fun was had.

Shan Shan Exhibition Jan 29-Feb 12th 2011

Shan Shan AKA tinytoadstool is a woman of many talents. She lives in Kyoto and runs 3 different etsy shops; vintage clothing, felt/craft art, photography and an independent clothing shop.
Probably what catches peoples' most attention are her hand felted hand embroidered beret hats and she is holding her first one woman exhibition in Kawaramachi, Kyoto.