Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Art Picnic Vol. 3 @ Club King - Dictionary Art School report

Art Picnic vol. 3
Saturday 18th December, 2010
Between Shibuya and Harajuku there is a place called the Club King: Dictionary Art School. I'm not exactly sure what goes on there yet but it's a place where people create and enjoy all forms of art. I went and poked a nose at Art picnic Vol. 3 .

P1030004.JPG P1030005.JPGP1030006.JPG

I was drawn to to this event because Miquraffreshia was exhibiting her dark, colourful, weird, cute creations, as well as hosting a "decorate you own octopus tentacle" workshop. It has been brought to my attention that there is rarely a Japanese person who doesn't like Octopi! They're so hot right now. I have to admit they are fascinating creatures so I chose my tentacle and started eagerly decorating with beads, whereupon I found a lonely eye in the midst of the beads and tied it onto my tentacle. It doesn't really resemble a tentacle anymore but I like it anyway! Thanks!

Outside, amongst other people, I met Mr. Uda, creator and player of the Udar. An electronic musical instrument that looks a lot like a concertina but is played by pressing the notes the strength that you want the sound and rotating each side to change notes. Mr. Uda happily played us many a tune from films, video games and even station melodies. I want to see more live Udar performances! Play on Maestro Uda!

Probably the coolest thing was the projections onto the outside building, they changed every few seconds. Reiko and I saw a window in the centre of the building, which was just begging for somebody to do something with. So we did. Hindered by bad coordination, a wall, not being able to hear the music, people walking by we tried a synchronised...uh...dance?

Nevertheless, fun was had.


  1. Hahaha!! We enjoyed soo much!!
    But It dance looks not well...HETAKUSOwww
    No problem! The important is feeling!
    We are nice performer!

    Oh? I hearing the singing voice. It's so bad!!
    Oh! It's my voice!!www

  2. haha, youre a special kind of idiot. Theres some rad stuff in this that even die hard wool haters like myself can enjoy - particularly the beefob costume at the top. If you dont own that the next time we're clubbing, i aint your friend no more!